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Comfort, Friendly, good Coffee

"I ask three things of coffee shops: comfort, friendless, and good coffee. Manny's excels in all three. The people behind the counter were sincerely nice. There's plenty of seating, and I think that I'll be back to relax when I have more time. The coffee tastes good in a mellow, pleasant way. What a fantastic addition to Pullman's downtown!"

- Michelle Gordon

Best Chai in Pullman

"I drink a lot of chai, and Manny's has the best chai in Pullman, no contest. Super comfortable atmosphere, friendly staff and a great place to study."

- Maddie Rhae

Good flavor

"Not sure if pullman needed another place for coffee but time will tell. What I can tell you is the interior has been well done and is very comfortable. The coffee is mellow but still brings good flavor, it's not bitter! Which for me is always preferable."

- James Webster