The Ultimate Flavor Guide to Coffee Roast Levels

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The Ultimate Flavor Guide to Coffee Roast Levels

Coffee lovers everywhere are dedicated to the cause of getting the perfect brew. Understanding the balance that comes with coffee roast levels takes time and effort. However, Manny’s has made it simple to understand coffee roast levels so that you can make the perfect brew. Several factors like brewing and processing methods, the grind, and the age of the beans can contribute. This guide unpacks all the secrets to finding the perfect coffee roast levels.

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Light Roasts

These light-colored cups or pots are dry, and have no oil on their surface. Light roast coffee is typically heated at 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. Light roast coffee is common among many, but light roasts are known for their ability to preserve the natural flavor of the beans. Light roasts are categorized as Cinnamon, Half-City, and Light-City.

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Medium Roasts

This roast is one step above light roasts, as the name suggests. The flavor is a little more intense in medium-roast coffee. However, medium roasts also contain less caffeine than light roasts. Medium roasts are heated at 400-430 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. Medium roasts take longer to brew than light roasts, making them less acidic. They are categorized as City, American, and Breakfast.

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Medium-Dark Roasts

As the name suggests, these tend to brew a little darker than medium roasts. Similarly, the potent taste is often described as “spicy” to the drinker, so they’re well-loved by coffee drinkers who like a little kick in their drink. These are heated at 435-450 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. They are categorized as Vienna, Full-City, and After-Dinner.

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Dark Roasts

This is the darkest roast possible. By now, the potency of the roast overwhelms the taste of the coffee beans. Dark roasts have significantly less caffeine than other roasts. They are heated at 465-480 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. Dark roasts are categorized as French, Espresso, Continental, and Italian.

Mastering the art of coffee roasts takes time. However, this guide is a great place to get started. You can begin by studying the different roast levels, ultimately gaining knowledge while you build your coffee repertoire. We provide an inviting environment to hang out and enjoy all roasts at Manny’s! Stop by our shop in Pullman today.

Discover the best coffee you've ever had!